G20 Delhi 2023: 7 World Leaders And Their Favourite Foods


Welcome to G20 Delhi 2023, where world leaders gather to discuss global issues. But let's take a break and explore their favourite foods!


Slide 1: President Biden loves a good cheeseburger, but did you know he also enjoys a classic Philly cheesesteak? No wonder he's always smiling.


Slide 2: Prime Minister Trudeau's love for poutine is no secret. But he also has a sweet tooth for maple syrup, a Canadian staple.


Slide 3: President Xi Jinping's favourite dish is a traditional Chinese hot pot. He believes in the power of sharing a meal to build relationships.


Slide 4: Chancellor Merkel may be known for her love of sauerkraut, but her go-to comfort food is actually a hearty bowl of potato soup.


Slide 5: President Macron's love for croissants is well-known, but he also enjoys a good steak tartare, a French delicacy.


Slide 6: Prime Minister Modi's favourite dish is a humble plate of khichdi, a simple yet nutritious Indian comfort food.


Slide 7: President Putin's love for borscht, a traditional Russian soup, is no secret. But he also enjoys indulging in caviar, a luxury delicacy.


Slide 8: These world leaders may have different backgrounds and ideologies, but they all share a love for good food.


Slide 9: As we continue to discuss global issues, let's remember the power of food to bring people together and bridge cultural differences.