Hartalika Teej 2023: 8 Sattvik Recipes To Break Your Fast With


Welcome to Hartalika Teej 2023! Celebrate this auspicious day with 8 sattvik recipes to break your fast with. Let's dive into the deliciousness!


Slide into the festive mood with a refreshing glass of Thandai. Made with milk, nuts, and spices, this drink will energize you after a day of fasting.


Indulge in the traditional flavors of Kheer, a creamy rice pudding made with milk, sugar, and cardamom. A perfect sweet treat to end your fast with.


For a savory option, try Sabudana Khichdi, a dish made with tapioca pearls, peanuts, and potatoes. It's light, yet filling, and packed with nutrients.


Add some crunch to your meal with Singhare ke Pakode, made with water chestnut flour and spices. These fritters are a popular snack during Teej.


For a healthier option, try Lauki Kofta, made with bottle gourd and gram flour. These dumplings are cooked in a flavorful tomato-based gravy.


No Teej celebration is complete without Ghevar, a traditional Rajasthani sweet made with flour, ghee, and sugar syrup. A must-try for all sweet lovers!


For a twist on the classic, try making Kaju Katli with a touch of saffron. These diamond-shaped sweets are made with cashews and are a crowd favorite.


End your fast with a refreshing glass of Aam Panna, a drink made with raw mangoes, mint, and spices. It's a perfect blend of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors.


Thank you for joining us on this culinary journey of Hartalika Teej 2023. May these sattvik recipes add joy and flavor to your celebrations. Happy Teej!