Janmashtmi 2023: Lord Krishna’s Favourite Foods


Welcome to the world of Lord Krishna's favourite foods! Let's take a journey through the delicious dishes that were loved by the divine avatar himself.


Slide 1: The first dish on our list is the famous Makhan Mishri, a sweet and creamy combination of butter and sugar that was a staple in Krishna's diet.


Slide 2: Next up, we have the mouth-watering Poha, a dish made with flattened rice, spices, and vegetables, which was often served to Krishna during his childhood in Vrindavan.


Slide 3: Moving on to the main course, we have the delectable Kadhi Chawal, a dish made with yogurt, gram flour, and rice, which was a favourite of Krishna and his friends.


Slide 4: No meal is complete without some dessert, and for Krishna, it was the irresistible Kheer, a sweet rice pudding made with milk, sugar, and nuts.


Slide 5: Another sweet treat that Krishna loved was the crispy and flaky Mathura Peda, a milk-based sweet that is still popular in the city of Mathura, where Krishna was born.


Slide 6: Let's not forget the famous Dahi Handi, a dish made with yogurt, fruits, and nuts, which was often offered to Krishna during the festival of Janmashtmi.


Slide 7: For those who prefer savoury dishes, Krishna's favourite was the spicy and tangy Aloo Tikki, a potato-based snack that is still enjoyed by many during Janmashtmi celebrations.


Slide 8: Another dish that Krishna loved was the refreshing and cooling Shikanji, a drink made with lemon, sugar, and spices, perfect for the hot summer days in Vrindavan.


Slide 9: Last but not least, we have the delicious and nutritious Saag, a dish made with leafy greens and spices, which was often served to Krishna during his time in Vrindavan and Mathura.