Kozhukattai: Lord Ganesha’s Favourite Dish


Welcome to the world of Kozhukattai, the favourite dish of Lord Ganesha. Let's explore the story behind this delicious treat.


Legend has it that Lord Ganesha loved Kozhukattai so much that he would often visit his devotees' homes to taste it. This made it a popular offering during festivals.


Kozhukattai is a steamed rice dumpling filled with a sweet or savoury filling. It is also known as Modak in some parts of India.


The outer covering of Kozhukattai is made from rice flour, while the filling can be made from jaggery, coconut, lentils, or even meat.


The sweet version of Kozhukattai is made with jaggery, coconut, and cardamom, giving it a rich and aromatic flavour. It is often served as a dessert.


The savoury version, also known as Uppu Kozhukattai, is made with a spicy filling of lentils, chillies, and curry leaves. It is a popular snack in South India.


Kozhukattai is not just a delicious dish, but it also holds a special significance in Hindu mythology. It is believed to be Lord Ganesha's favourite food.


During the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, Kozhukattai is offered to Lord Ganesha as a symbol of love and devotion. It is also distributed as prasad among devotees.


Apart from its religious significance, Kozhukattai is also a healthy and nutritious dish. It is low in calories and rich in essential nutrients.


So next time you visit a South Indian household or attend a festival, don't forget to try this delectable dish and experience the love and devotion behind it.