Paryushan 2023: Gujarati Jain Rasiya Muthiya For A Divine Meal


Welcome to Paryushan 2023, a time for Gujarati Jains to reflect and purify their souls. Join us for a divine meal with our traditional Rasiya Muthiya.


Indulge in the flavors of our homemade Rasiya Muthiya, made with love and devotion. Each bite is a reminder of our spiritual journey during Paryushan.


Our Rasiya Muthiya is a blend of aromatic spices, lentils, and vegetables, steamed to perfection. It's a symbol of simplicity and detachment from material desires.


As you savor the delicious Rasiya Muthiya, let go of your attachments and focus on self-reflection. Paryushan is a time to detach from worldly pleasures and connect with the divine.


The soft and fluffy texture of our Rasiya Muthiya represents the purity of our thoughts and actions during Paryushan. It's a reminder to let go of negativity and embrace positivity.


Each ingredient in our Rasiya Muthiya has a deeper meaning, reminding us of our Jain principles of non-violence, truthfulness, and non-attachment.


As you take a bite of our Rasiya Muthiya, let the flavors awaken your senses and bring you closer to your spiritual self. Paryushan is a time to cleanse our minds and bodies.


Our Rasiya Muthiya is not just a meal, it's a spiritual experience. It's a reminder to practice forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude towards all living beings.


Join us for a divine meal and experience the true essence of Paryushan. Let our Rasiya Muthiya nourish your body and soul, and guide you towards inner peace and enlightenment.


Thank you for joining us on this spiritual journey. May the flavors of our Rasiya Muthiya stay with you and inspire you to lead a life of simplicity, detachment, and compassion. Happy Paryushan 2023!