Payasam: Milky South Indian Version Of Kheer


Welcome to the world of Payasam, the creamy and delicious South Indian version of Kheer. Get ready to indulge in a sweet treat like no other.


Originating from the state of Kerala, Payasam is a staple dessert in every South Indian household. It is made with rice, milk, and jaggery, giving it a unique and rich flavor.


The word "Payasam" comes from the Sanskrit word "Payasa" which means milk. This dessert is also known as "Kheer" in other parts of India, but the South Indian version has its own distinct taste.


The main ingredient of Payasam is rice, which is cooked in milk until it becomes soft and creamy. The addition of jaggery gives it a natural sweetness and a beautiful golden color.


Payasam is not just a dessert, it is a symbol of celebration and happiness. It is often served during festivals, weddings, and other special occasions as a way to spread joy and love.


The traditional way of making Payasam involves slow cooking the rice in milk for hours, giving it a rich and velvety texture. It is then garnished with nuts and raisins for added crunch and flavor.


But with modern times, there are many variations of Payasam that have emerged. Some people use vermicelli or sago instead of rice, while others add fruits like mango or pineapple to give it a fruity twist.


No matter how it is made, one thing remains constant - the heavenly taste of Payasam. It is a perfect blend of sweetness and creaminess that will leave you wanting more.


So next time you crave something sweet, try Payasam and experience the magic of this South Indian delicacy. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.


Thank you for joining us on this journey of Payasam. We hope you enjoyed learning about this delicious dessert and will give it a try. Until next time, happy eating!