Visiting Kolkata — Top 10 Dishes You Must Eat In Kolkata!


Welcome to Kolkata, the city of joy and delicious food! Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the top 10 must-try dishes in Kolkata.


Slide into the world of flavors with the iconic street food, Phuchka. These crispy, tangy, and spicy water balls will leave you craving for more.


Next up, try the mouth-watering Kathi Rolls. These flaky parathas stuffed with succulent meat or veggies and topped with tangy sauces are a must-try.


Indulge in the famous Bengali delicacy, Kosha Mangsho. This slow-cooked mutton dish with rich spices and flavors will leave you wanting for more.


For all the seafood lovers, Kolkata offers the delectable Chingri Malai Curry. This creamy prawn curry is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors.


Don't miss out on the iconic Bengali sweet, Rosogolla. These soft, spongy balls of cottage cheese soaked in sugar syrup will melt in your mouth.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with the heavenly Mishti Doi. This creamy and sweet yogurt is a popular dessert in Kolkata and a must-try for all.


For a unique culinary experience, try the traditional Bengali Thali. This platter consists of a variety of dishes, including rice, dal, vegetables, and more.


Indulge in the famous street food, Jhal Muri. This spicy and tangy snack made with puffed rice, veggies, and spices is a favorite among locals and tourists.


End your food journey with a cup of authentic Kolkata Chai. This strong and flavorful tea is a staple in every household and a perfect way to end your trip.